24 March 2010

MAP Arts Festival

MAP – KL’s New Arts Platform

MAP is opening its doors on the 27th of March 2010 with a 2-day arts festival. Activities include music, art, sculpture, performances, installations, talks, workshops and art markets alongside social and individual empowerment activities. The festival will introduce MAP’s two spaces: a 6,000 sq ft gallery and a 200-seater experimental theatre named the White Box and Black Box respectively.

In the works is an exciting program of community oriented activities that encompasses the widest possible diversity of creative content. MAP will provide opportunities for arts and cultural producers from multidisciplinary backgrounds. As a meeting point between artists, curators, critics and the public, it will serve as a catalyst for the exchange and exploration of contemporary ideas.

MAP is located in Solaris Dutamas. Details can be obtained via their website, www.mapkl.org or call Alex at 019-3222932, Erna at 012-2310961 or Sze at 013-3330852.



March 27 (SATURDAY)

WHITE BOX (art gallery)

4pm - 5pm
Lecturer, journalist and artist Sharaad Kuttan moderates a talk with architect Anand Krishnan entitled “Proposals for Our Cities”
Proposals for our cities – is a series of ideas to improve the quality of urban life for the denizens of Malaysian cities. The series opens with architect Anand Krishnan who will be speaking on the notion of “pocket spaces” as principle that might help generate coherence in our urban landscape. Anand, who also lectures on architecture, was involved in the planning of our newest city Putrajaya.

5.30pm - 6pm
Is This Love or Burden by Aisyah Baharuddin (Lost Generation Space)
Aisyah Baharuddin is a fine art graduate from UITM. She co-founded TIGA (Tindakan Gerak Asuh) which consists of three core members, all of whom are full time artists. Is This Love or Burden speaks of the unspoken bond of love between a child and the mother.

6pm - 6.30pm
Hukuman (Judged) by Intan Rafizah (Lost Generation Space)
Intan Rafiza is also a fine art graduate from UITM. She is well-known for her captivating live performances which focuses mainly on gender issues. Hukuman (Judged) explores the current issue of caning of women in Malaysia.

6.30pm - 7.30pm
Poetry Underground Collective
Poetry Underground is a group of people with different principles and backgrounds yet who possess the same passion for poetry. In this event, Poetry Underground will look into the confluence of the spoken word and visual art, specifically in its relations with the individual and the society. The performers are Catalina Rembuyan, Hazlan Zakaria, Kathleen Choo, Reza Rosli, Sheena Baharuddin and Tshiung Han See.

Opening of “Once Upon a Time in Malaysia” group art exhibition curated by Arteri
Arteri presents the launch of the MAP arts space with a group exhibition “Once Upon a Time in Malaysia”. Drawing upon the popular medium of story-telling, it features emerging artists from Malaysia, looking at how the diversity of the Malaysian narrative shape the way we understand ourselves and one another. The 28-artist exhibition will showcase works by some of the most established names in the Malaysian art world such as Wong Hoy Cheong, Bayu Utomo Radjikin, Ahmad Fuad Osman, Hamir Soib. In addition to this, a large part of the exhibition will also be dedicated for the introduction of emerging talents such as Samsudin Wahab, Shieko Reto, Saiful Razman, Phuan Thai Meng, Melissa Lin, Poodien, Rahmat Haron and Ilham Fadhli.

8pm - 8.30pm
Butoh dance by Nyoba Kan Dance Company
This full length piece is one of a three-part Butoh performance which was based on the themes of creation, human desires and immaculate illusions; “The Birth”, “Eight Ways of Suffering” and “Reflection of the Moon in The Water”. The same title and idea had been re-constructed by Lee Swee Keong and was performed in Bangkok Butoh Festival 2009. This time, Kiea Kuan Nam together with Yeow Lai Chee will perform “The Birth” which concerns a mythic cosmogony of all existence, and mix with the element of Japanese “Noh Theatre” and Latin “flamingo” dance to create a totally new outfit, new breath and new image of the piece. This is to let the audiences to expose the “colorful side” of Butoh.

8.30pm - 9.30pm
Readings by Bernice Chauly in conjunction with Earth Hour
Bernice Chauly is a poet, writer, photographer, actor, lecturer and sometime filmmaker. She has been active in the KL arts scene for over 18 years. She has published two collections of poetry, going there and coming back(1997) and The Book of Sins (2008) and a collection of short stories, Lost in KL (2008). She is currently writing a memoir of her family history, tentatively called Growing Up with Ghosts. Readings is a monthly live literature events organised by Bernice Chauly and Sharon Bakar. Other performers include Jit Murad, Dina Zaman, Alfian Sa’at, Salleh Ben Joned and Kam Raslan.

9.30pm - 10pm
Jazz saxophonist with Azmi Hairudin and Christophe Turchi
Azmi Hairuddin performs regularly in the region at events such as The Java Jazz Festival while French-born Christophe Turchi is a self-taught jazz artist who started his career in music playing in his Father’s orchestra at age 16. A musician with varied interests, Turchi also dabbles in funk, abstract hip hop and electro.

10pm - 10.30pm
Stand-up comedy with Hishamuddin Rais
Hishamuddin Rais is an NGI (non-governmental individual) who is widely regarded as a political analyst and stand-up comic. He blogs excessively at tukartiub.blogspot.com and writes a monthly column in Off The Edge magazine as well as The Sun newspaper.

BLACK BOX (theatre)
2pm - 3pm
Music gig with Peter Hassan Brown and friends
Peter Hassan Brown is one-half of Lemang Music. The heartbeat of the singer/songwriter movement in Kuala Lumpur, in the past Peter organised “Acoustic Jam”, a stage for singers and songwriters to showcase their stuff.

3.30pm - 5.30pm
Music and poetry readings by Pekan Frinjan
This session features music and poetry readings by Meor, Nik, Keladak, Shh..Diam, Mohd Jayzuan, Stam Mustapha, Gyomogii, Marini Rafar and Fazleena Hishamuddin.

6pm - 7pm
Performance art by Ensemble 11
This is a multidisciplinary performance, involving music, video and movement; working with improvisation. Individual performers will work on their own ideas and rough structures yet flexible enough to change and modify accordingly. Ensemble 11 consists of David Lim, Iylia Nordin, Aidira Khaidir, Alison Khor, Au Sow Yee, Yong Yandsen (saxophone), Kok Siew Wai (voice), Aziz Ali (drums), Ronnie Khoo (electric guitar), Goh Lee Kwang (no-input sound mixer), and Ng Chor Guan (Theremin).

7.30pm - 8.30pm
Theater performance by Rumah Anak Teater (in Malay)
Pokok Kelapa Sayang is a tale of love destroyed by economic, political, public perception, cultural and racial differences as well as choices made by the individual. Nur Ain who is torn between her loyalty to her family and following her heart’s desire, has chosen to ignore her feelings to uphold her family’s choice in the belief that it will bring her happiness. Hasyim who holds dear to the belief of true love and has declared Nur Ain to be his one and only love has done something unintentionally cruel. What was it that he did? What is the secret behind his beloved coconut tree along the Port Dickson beach?

9.30pm - 11.30pm
Music gig organised by Rice Above No. 7 featuring Aggrobeats, The Rebel Scum, Khottal and Nao
Aggrobeats is the “Boss Reggae’’ band of Malaysia. The Rebel Scum is a hip-hop band that started as a fusion of musicians from various backgrounds and denominations who share a common passion for hip hop music with substance. Khottal is an indie pop group delivering sweet harmonies and solid melodies with a mix of instruments like the accordion, mandolin, glockenspiels, recorder, guitars, drums and keyboards. Nao is a classic punk energy, hard-hitting outfit that is arguably the best band in the current Malaysian local Chinese independent scene.

March 28 (SUNDAY)

WHITE BOX (art gallery)

2.30pm - 3.30pm
Let’s Talk with Hafidz Baharom
An hour of satirical commentary with writer, columnist and never relenting bigmouth Hafidz Baharom.

3.30pm - 4.30pm
Paul Lau and Tugu Drum Circle workshop
Tugu Drum Circle is a gathering of drummers, percussionists and like minded people who would like to share their love and passion for playing drums and percussion. Its aim is to promote playing drums and percussion to society at large, bringing people together from all walks of life thereby facillitating in building stronger community spirit by making music together. So bring your drums, pots and pails along to participate in this drumming workshop.

5pm - 6pm
Exhibition debate organised by Suthen "Tate" Thomas
Six speakers from the Malaysian inter-varsity debate community present an exhibition debate with a topic they (and you) will only know 30 minutes before the debate starts. No Shakespearean quotes, no statistics, some B.S. This ain't your high school stuff.

6.30 - 7pm
Dari Seberang: Spoken word performance (poetry, prose and play extracts) by Singapore writers Alfian Sa’at and Irfan Kasbah
Alfian Sa’at is a Singaporean writer, poet and playwright. He is currently the resident playwright of theatre group W!LD RICE. Irfan Kasbah is a director/playwright and associate artist with Teater Ekamatra.

7.30pm - 8.30pm
Poetry Cafe KL
Out of the virtual world and into the physical one, Poetry Cafe KL@MAP is a chill out space for poets and poetry lovers to commune and chew the cud together. Featuring spoken words and poetry from practitioners working and living across many global borders.

8:45pm - 9:00pm
Performance art by Bebe (Lost Generation Space)
Bebe is an Indonesian currently residing in Kuala Lumpur. Bebe was a member of Taring Padi; a cultural collective from Yogjakarta.

9:00pm - 9:30pm
Performance art by Aisyah Baharuddin (Lost Generation Space)

10pm - 11pm
Comedy hour with Jit Murad
Jit Murad is one of the most prominent figures in Malaysian theatre, having made a significant mark in Malaysian theatre as actor, stand-up comedian playwright and director over the past two decades.

BLACK BOX (theater)

1.30pm - 3.30pm
Fridge Magnet Poetry Workshop
Word Forward presents a poetry slam factory to get you writing and performing in just 2 hours! Participants will work with at least 3 people plus a trained facilitator to produce an original poetry ensemble piece to perform at the Showcase later that day!

3.30pm - 4pm
Zapin dance performance by Zaza Dancers
Zapin is a popular, traditional Malay dance form with many variations in different states.

4pm - 5pm
Traditional Malay and contemporary dance performance by Darinai Dance
From the lively dance and upbeat and graceful dance form, come and witness these dances: Mengadab Rebab MaK Yong, Tari Inai, Zapin Johor, Zapin Hanuman and Endang.

5.30pm - 6.30pm
Music gig with Monoloque
Monoloque is a spin-off from the well-known Malaysian grunge/alternative/independent band Butterfingers.

7pm - 9.30pm
Music gig organised by Jerome Kugan with Panda Head Curry, Vernadium, Tenderfist, Sharidar & Nizam and Deserters
A night out with singer-songwriter Jerome Kugan that promises to be something different. This talented performer, who is also a gig-organiser, brings together several select local bands, both established ones and the exciting upstarts.

10pm - 12am
Singer-songwriter Showcase by Moonshine featuring Azmyl Yunor, Izzy Mohamed, Reza Salleh and Zalila Lee.
Moonshine is a homemade acoustic show with singer- songwriters. Azmyl Yunor is veteran of the singer-songwriter circuit and an organiser of the KL Sing Song acoustic festival. Reza Salleh plays a mix of folk rock, pop, grunge with a twinge of jazz and the blues. Izzy Mohamed is equipped with sweet vocals and a penchant for writing radio-friendly songs about love and life. Zalila Lee is a singer-songwriter from the Malaysian independent music scene.


March 27 and 28
2pm - 8pm
Arts Bazaar
A popular crowd favourite, the arts bazaar offers sale an opportunity to browse a collection of stalls by hobbyists and part time artists. Wares include witty T-shirts, hand-made arts and crafts, CDs, books, food, small treasures and one off collectibles you may never find elsewhere. Be warned, finders keepers.

2pm – 6pm
Kids and Community Art Project/Workshop
The kids can have fun with expressing their artistic side. Let them doodle, paint and ‘exhibit’ their artworks. Paints and materials provided, and there are no rules against messy little fingers. Even the adults can join in and take home a family ‘masterpiece’.


2pm - 11pm

Booth 1
God (from the film, Solaris by Andrej Tarkovsky)
Projection by Ray Langenbach
Location: White Box

Booth 2
The 6th Kuala Lumpur Triennial: Artifice090603009794
Animation by Pascal Sobczak
Curated by Yayasan Zunimoor
Location: Black Box

Booth 3
Peek Freak by Wai Lam & Yann Huey
Location: Green Room 2 (inside Black Box)
The Peek Freak project is the result of an industrial designer [Wai Lam] & experimental photographer's [Yann Huey] collaboration. The project eventually lead to the development of our own camera and photography style.

Booth 4
Showcase Screening (participation by Malaysian Art Schools)
Location: Black Box



Art Drum Project is the first batch of a series of urban art works that would be placed around the development where MAP is located. 20 wooden cable drums were retrieved from the construction site of MAP. Artists were invited to work over two weekends preceeding MAP Arts Festival to transform these wooden drums into art.

Participating artists:
Anthonie Chong
Daniel Chong
Donald Abraham
Ili Farhana & Bebe
Iskandar Razak
Ng Kim Peow
Igor & Frankie
Lost Generation Art Space
Nizam Rahmat
Saiful Razman & Azmin Hussein
Samsudin Wahab
Sharaad Kuttan
Sharon Chin & Zedeck Siew
Shieko Reto
Suddin Lappo, Ali Nurazmal, Zulkiflee Zainul Abidin
The Best Art Show in The Univers


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